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Meet our staff members:


Jubael Ra-Akbar

Co-Owner/Cheer & Gymnastics Director

Juba has been involved in competitive cheerleading as a gymnastics instructor for the past 11 years. During that time he has worked with many successful All-star programs in the Maryland, DC and Virginia area as Head tumbling coach. In 11 years, Juba has brought his teams to cheerleading Worlds 7 times. Juba served as head tumble coach for Maryland Twisters for two years before going on to the Maryland Marlins. In his first year with the program Tsunami won a full-paid bid to worlds, something they had never done in the history of their program. Under Juba’s direction, Maryland Marlins went on to receive 4 more full-paid bids to worlds, and placed 5th in their second year with the new restructure. They later claimed two of the seven Wonders of the World titles named by the national cheerleading magazine.
His success in Cheerleading stems from his strong background and success in gymnastics, both as an athlete and gymnastics coach stretching 25 years. As a gymnast, he ranked top 20 in the nation and experienced full- spread features in the Baltimore Sun and television spotlights for his talent and knowledge of the sport. Juba later carried that success into his coaching career where he was quickly promoted to head coach for the men’s gymnastics level 10 team at Fairland. There he doubled the size of the program and coached the team to many Regional and National championship titles and records. These records have never been broken.
Though Juba continues to consult with the men’s gymnastics program, he often travels across the country as a tumbling consultant to World-level team programs as well as some of the best cheerleaders in the nation. Juba’s passion and love for the sport of gymnastics and tumbling gives him the drive to perfection. His charismatic style of coaching and thinking outside the box mentality gives him the edge and allows him continued success in the years to come.

Marcia Ra-Akbar

Co-Owner/Fitness Director 

Marcia Ra-Akbar has been involved in the fitness industry for over 13 years. A Canadian native, she came to the United States on a track and field and volleyball scholarship before cheering for the Acro Airs team at Washington Adventist University. After college she entered the personal training industry and quickly climbed the ranks to Master Level Trainer and Education specialist. As an Education Lead, she taught personal trainers how to train more effectively for greater results in weekly meetings and workshops. She’s served as Fitness Director for many Health and Fitness Clubs including Sport and Health and Lifetime Fitness where she managed a team of 25 full-time personal trainers and worked as both trainer and as a metabolic Specialist.
Marcia is certified through the National Academy of Sports medicine as a Certified Personal trainer and holds certifications as a Performance Enhancement specialist and Corrective Exercise Specialist by the same organization. She is certified in child and adult Cardiorespiratory Pulmonary Resuscitation and is trained to use the AED. She is classically trained in Pilates through the PEAK system and teaches the same methods used by founder Joe Pilates. She is a certified fitness nutritionist.
As an accomplished figure competitor, Marcia understands the demands both physically and mentally an athlete must endure to reach their personal goal. As a Personal trainer, and nutritionist, she understands physiologically and scientifically how to get there in the most efficient and safest way possible.
Marcia has worked with thousands of individuals over the span of her career helping them reach their fitness and performance goals. From toddlers, to seniors, those starting out in sports, to Olympic athletes Marcia has worked with them all. With everyone she works with she teaches the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle both on the competition floor and in life.


Ashley Howard

Ashley has been involved in cheerleading for 17 years. She started out in recreational cheer with the Crofton Cardinals. After four years of recreational cheer she wanted a change, so she tried all-star cheerleading. One year was all she needed to know this was her sport, one that she admired. She started all-star cheer at the Maryland Twisters and was given the honor to be apart of the very first Junior 5 (J5) Supercells team. Shortly after, she joined the Maryland Marlins where she gained experience competing at the USASF Cheerleading Worlds (from 2008-2012) with the large senior all-girl level 5 team, Tsunami. Ashley misses her cheerleading days, however she is very happy to still be involved in this exciting sport by coaching passionate and motivated athletes everyday. As the years pass, cheer careers end and new ones begin.


Tina Jackson

Cheer Coach

I am now a proud member of Crown Athletics Allstar. I have been in the cheer word for 30 years. Cheerleading was introduced to me in Texas while in high school where cheerleading was my first period class for three years. Being there I learned how to appreciate the aspects of the sport. High School cheerleading in Texas was like Allstar cheerleading today. I also did stunting and tumbling at Texas Tech for two years. I moved to Maryland in 1989 and became a volunteer coach for Largo High School for two years. My first experience into the allstar world was in 2002 where I coached a Youth level 2 team. I stopped coaching because of a growing family and to allow time for my daughters to cheer. Now that my kids are all grown, I am proud to come back to coaching.



Brittany Trappe

Cheer Coach
Britt has been involved in competitive cheerleading for 13 years. At age 11, she tried out for Maryland Flyers Allstars with no prior cheerleading experience, but quickly fell in love with the competitive nature of the sport and made a commitment to expanding her beginners skill set to an advanced level.
Britt tried out for Maryland Marlins at age 16 and made Tsunami Small Senior 5. During Britt’s time at Marlins, Tsunami placed among the top teams at the USASF Cheerleading Worlds three times in the small and large senior divisions.
After graduating high school, Britt studied at the Pennsylvania State University where she received two degrees in Photography and Communications. She participated in Club Cheerleading and Crossfit Club Competitions, but has been itching to get back into the competitive cheerleading industry.
During Britt’s time as an athlete, she has learned that being surrounded by talented individuals who are constantly underestimated lights a fire inside of her heart. Britt’s love and respect for the athletes has always been the fuel behind her passionate leadership style. She hopes to bring this fire to Crown Athletics and is excited to join the rest of the staff in leading the organization to success in the years to come.


James Williams

Cheer Coach
James Has Been Apart Of The Cheerleading Industry For Over A Decade Now. First As An All-star Cheerleader Himself At Such Programs As Stingray All-stars Of Marietta, GA And Georgia All-stars Of Roswell, Georgia, Then As A Choreographer And Music Producer Himself As Well. After His Personal Cheerleading Career Came To A Close, He Has Had The Pleasure To Work As A Coach With Numerous Small And World Renowned Programs. Making Homes Of Such Programs As Spirit Force Of Clinton, MD, East Coast Nitros Of Middletown, DE, South Jersey Storm Of Sewell, NJ, And CC Champs Of Rahway, NJ; Winning Numerous Titles And Championships, As Well As Bids To The Cheerleading Worlds. With That Knowledge And Experience Learning Under And With Some Great Coaches And Working And Growing With Some Great And Talented Athletes, He Plans On Bringing That Growth With Him To One Of The Newest And Exciting Programs In Maryland; The Crown Athletics Family. He Looks Forward To Helping Build Up The Program With Some Old Friends And Some Fellow New Faces. And To Help Build The Athletes, One Fellow King And Queen At A Time.


Jevon Myles

Tumbling Instructor
Jevon is a versed tumble instructor with over 20 years of gymnastics under his belt. Jevon has coached many cheer programs in the area, including the award winning Gwynn Park High, DuVal High, and Morgan State University. In addition to coaching tumbling, Jevon has coached boy’s gymnastics Level 5 and 6, and girls’ gymnastics Level 7 and 8 at Fairland Gymnastics in Laurel.
Before coaching, Jevon was an award winning gymnast himself, participating in three Junior Olympic Nationals competitions and receiving many other medals and trophies up until graduating high school. Afterward graduating, Jevon went on to earn a degree in Computer Science at North Carolina A&T in Greensboro.

“One thing that marching in my college band taught me is this;
success is the result of when vision meets hard work. So I’ll provide the vision; the kids need to bring the hard work. That way, we’ll win together.”